Who WE are!

The San Diego High School Counseling Team has the knowledge, skills, and personal/professional

disposition to help maximize the developmental potential of all students.


San Diego High School Counseling Team

Students Served:  All San Diego High School Students in 9th – 12th Grade

Location/Room #:  San Diego High School Counseling Center                                   

Days/Times on Campus: See "Contact Us" page for contact information


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SDHS Counseling Org Chart: Roles & Responsibilities


Vision: Resilient, healthy, prepared students who influence, create, and bring positive change to the world!


​​Mission: Empower and support each student toward reaching their highest level of success in college, career, and life goals through genuine relationships, mutual respect, equitable access, and data-driven services.


Core Values:

  • Inspire a shared vision by DREAMING BIG. Inspire students to dream BIG, on a global scale by encouraging and supporting them through the process of helping each to find their place.


  • Prioritize cultural competence and cultural proficiency in all we do. Advocate for positive change in policies/practices affecting student learning by participating in the implementation of initiatives that improve the education for all students.


  • Remember Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs for its impact on student learning. Establish and maintain healthy & positive learning environments that are physically, intellectually, and emotionally safe, where routines, procedures, and norms ensure a climate in which all students can learn.


  • Model people-centered, strengths-based leadership.


  • Build relevant, meaningful comprehensive student support services & programs. Ensure the school counseling program is engaging, relevant, and meaningful to students’ lives. Create safe and secure learning environments for all participants by developing and implementing a comprehensive organizational counseling plan that includes prevention, intervention, crisis response, and recovery.

  • Coachable and reflect in our practice by thinking systematically and critically about student learning in the classroom and school and ask, “Why learning happens and what can be done to improve achievement?”


  • Develop as professional educators, who reflect on our practice to support student learning, and establish professional goals that engage them in the process of continuous and purposeful professional growth and development.


  • Demonstrate professional responsibility, integrity, and ethical conduct, have an open door policy, and are available, accessible, and approachable to all stakeholders.


  • Are friendly and congenial, have a contagious enthusiasm for our work, are high in emotional intelligence, have a sense of humor, and aren’t afraid to laugh at ourselves.


  • Believe in an equitable balance of parent involvement & community engagement. Leaders who designs structures and processes that result in high quality parent involvement and community engagement.


The San Diego High School Counseling Team has the knowledge, skills, and personal/professional disposition to help maximize the developmental potential of all students.


As School Counseling professionals, we are educators uniquely trained in child and adolescent development, learning strategies, self-management and social skills and who understand and promote success for today’s diverse students.


As educators, our Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) credential has prepared us to collaborate together as a unified and cohesive component of the larger school system to meet the learning and developmental needs of our students.


We support the academic, social/emotional, & college/career needs of all students through system-wide support.

Support an equitable balance of parent involvement

Co-create a culture

where highly effective, evidence-based teaching & learning is expected

Prioritize people-centered, strengths-based leadership

Partner with

world class educators

Ensure a broad & challenging 21st century curriculum is accessible to all 

Particpate in and lead high quality professional learning

Follow a data-driven, researched-based decison making process

Foster a collaborative & inclusive culture

Design safe, welcoming learning environments

Build comprehensive student support services & programs

Develop well-orchestrated communications

The San Diego High School Difference!

SDHS Students are Resilient, Healthy, & Prepared because of the work SDHS Counselors do each & every day.


SDHS Students:

  • Work closely with their SDHS counselor to set goals.  

  • Meet regularly with their SDHS counselor.

  • Have an active high school & post-secondary plan to meet their individual needs.

  • Have mentors and a support group in place to ensure expected outcomes.

  • Believe they will achieve their goals.

  • Confidently expect to be a successful student.

  • Know to improve attendance, grades, & outcomes they must increase the value of the work they put in.

  • Believe that attitude determines what happens to them.