The San Diego High Difference!


The Caver Counseling Team Values Results, Not Activity.

SDHS Students are Resilient, Healthy, & Prepared because of the work School Counselors do each and every day.

As we begin a new school year, the SDHS school counseling team will continue to ensure that 100% of our students are progressing, moving forward, and reaching their full potential. In addition to our grade-level goals, we have outlined expectations that we believe ALL of our students can and will achieve. Thank you in advance for joining us on this journey and for doing your part to ensure the outcomes you expect and want for yourself.

  • 100% of SDHS students who work closely with their SD high school counselor to set goals and draft a high school plan see improvement in their overall GPA.


  • 100% of students who meet regularly with their SDHS school counselor are more resilient, healthy, & prepared than students who don’t.


  • 100% of SDHS students have an active high school & post-secondary plan.


  • 100% of SDHS students have a team in place to ensure expected outcomes.


  • 100 % of SDHS students believe they will achieve their goals.


  • 100% of SDHS students confidently expect to be a successful student.


  • 100% of SDHS students believe to improve attendance-grades-outcomes they must increase the value of the work they put in.


  • 100% of SDHS students believe that attitude determines what happens to them.

2017/2018 SDHS Comprehensive School Counseling Guidance Plan Evaluation