211 Resources211 San Diego is a resource and information hub that connects people with community, health and disaster services.


  • Aaron Price Fellows Program - Prepares highly motivated and diverse San Diego public high school students to be responsible, engaged and caring members of their community.

  • Alcohol, Drug, & Substance Abuse Resources - Treatment facilities and programs for mental and substance use disorders.

    • Teen Recovery Center - Works with children between the ages of 12-17 who are experiencing difficulty coping in school, at home, or in the community due to struggles with substance abuse.

    • McAlister Institute - Affordable substance abuse treatment and intervention services that offer hope and help for alcohol and drug addiction in San Diego, California.

    • SAY San Diego - SAY San Diego’s mission is to partner with youth, adults, families, and communities to reach their full potential. 

    • UPAC - UPAC is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization that provides health and human services to under-served Asian, Pacific Islander, Latino, Middle Eastern, East African, African American and other ethnic populations of San Diego. Students and families that would like to receive services, they may call our main site and inquire about the program at 619-521-5720.   

  • Anti-Bullying & Intimidation ResourcesIf you have done everything you can to resolve the situation and nothing has worked, or someone is in immediate danger, there are ways to get help.


  • California Student Opportunity & Access Program (Cal-SOAP) - Provides information about post-secondary education and financial aid to elementary through high school students while raising their academic achievement levels. In particular, Cal-SOAP is committed to providing services to students from any of the following backgrounds:

    • Low income families

    • Families in which they would be the first to attend college

    • Schools with documented low eligibility or college participation rates or

    • Geographic areas with documented low eligibility or college participation rates

  • Child Abuse & Neglect PreventionThere are four common types of abuse and neglect:

    1. Physical abuse is the intentional use of physical force that can result in physical Examples include hitting, kicking, shaking, burning, or other shows of force against a child.

    2. Sexual abuse involves pressuring or forcing a child to engage in sexual acts. It includes behaviors such as fondling, penetration, and exposing a child to other sexual activities. Please see CDC’s Preventing Child Sexual Abuse web-page for more information.

    3. Emotional abuse refers to behaviors that harm a child’s self-worth or emotional well-being. Examples include name calling, shaming, rejection, withholding love, and threatening.

    4. Neglect is the failure to meet a child’s basic physical and emotional needs. These needs include housing, food, clothing, education, and access to medical care.

  • Children & Youth in Transition - Works to support the continuity of education of students in transition including: students in foster care, students experiencing homelessness, students who are military dependents, and students who are refugees.


  • English Language LearnersThe Office of Language Acquisition (OLA) is dedicated to serving the needs of English learners. OLA supports the district in providing English learners (ELs) with the full range of learning opportunities equivalent to those provided to native speakers of English. 


  • Family Health CentersFounded in 1970, Family Health Centers of San Diego is dedicated to providing caring, affordable, high-quality health care and supportive services to everyone, with a special commitment to uninsured, low-income and medically underserved persons.


  • Grief & Trauma Care

    • Elizabeth HospiceSupport people of all ages (children and adults) through serious illness and bereavement and help them regain hope. We provide comfort and education about grief, as well as proven tips and coping strategies.



  • Khan Academy - You can learn anything. Expert-created content and resources for every course and level. Always free.


  • LGBTQ Resources - Providing school site resources and district support to meet the needs of LGBTQIA students and their families.


  • Logan Heights Community Center


  • Mental Health & Wellness

               Stress Management​





  • UPAC Counseling Center - For any students and families that would like to receive services, they may call our main site and inquire about the program at 619-521-5720.