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San Diego High School Counseling Team

Contact Person: Mr. Baker                                                                         Students Served: All SDHS 9th – 12th

Location/Room #: SDHS Counseling Center                            Days/Times on Campus: M–F, 7:15am–3:00pm

Email:                                                                                                                            Type of Resource: Internal                     

Phone: (619) 560-4610


Program: School Counseling & Guidance.



School Counselors deliver high quality services to students in each of the following priority areas.



  • Discover strengths, interests & learning styles.

  • Better understand diversity, tolerance & cultural proficiency.

  • Prepare for the high school journey.

  • Learn how to build skills & work smarter.

  • Manage emotions & develop emotional intelligence.

  • Value enrichment & extracurricular engagement.

  • Get help & support when needed most.

  • Navigate the high school experience.

  • Career Planning: Getting where U want to go.

  • College Readiness! How U prepare makes a difference.

  • College Life! Finding your best fit.

  • Conquer the college application & admission process.

  • Find the money for college.

  • Stay healthy physically & mentally.



School counselors support the academic, social/emotional, & college/career needs of all students through system-wide support in the following areas.



  • Support an equitable balance of parent involvement.

  • Co-create a culture where highly effective, evidenced-based teaching & learning is expected.

  • Prioritize people-centered, strengths-based leadership.

  • Partner with world-class educators.

  • Ensure a broad & challenging 21st century curriculum is accessible to all.

  • Participate in and lead high quality professional learning.

  • Follow a data-driven, researched-based decision making process.

  • Establish strong stakeholder & community partnerships.

  • Foster a collaborative & inclusive culture.

  • Design safe, welcoming, state-of-the-art high-tech learning environment.

  • Build comprehensive student support services & programs.

  • Develop well-orchestrated communications.




The development of resilient, healthy, prepared students who influence, create, and bring about positive change to the world!


Empower and support each student toward reaching their highest level of success in college, career, and life goals through genuine relationships, mutual respect, equitable access, and data-driven services.

DreamBIG!  PlanBIG!  DoBIG!