Class of 2024

Class of 2024

10th Grade Timeline!

Here you will find a list of grade-specific activities that you should be doing based on your grade level.

Also included are resources to help you complete the process, (videos, handouts, presentations, links)

To find out more information and get specific dates/deadlines for these activities, just click on each activity below.


Getting u On Track to College Readiness!  


There’s a lot a 10th-grade student can do to stay on the right track toward college, and a lot a parent can do to help. Take a look at these tips for thinking about the future, managing time, taking standardized tests, and more. These are steps you can take as a 10th grader to make sure you're on the right track for college.

Top Must Do's for Sophomores:



  • Explore XELLO. What is Xello?  Xello is an online program that helps students create their very own unique roadmap for college, career, and future success. Interactive assessments highlight career pathways aligned with the student’s skills, interests, and unique personality. Students can discover their own personalized pathway through self-knowledge, exploration and planning. Students use Xello to access scholarships and assist you with the college application process for things like resumes, recommendation letter requests, transcript requests, and sending the school portion of the Common Application. 

    • How to log in to Xello: Students can log in to Xello by following these instructions.

      • Go to

      • Click on the button “Log in with Active Directory”.

      • Type in your student ID & Password.

      • Look for Xello under the instant Login Applications.

      • Click on the XELLO tab.

  • Meet with your high School Counselor, again! Be sure to meet with your school counselor regularly to ensure that your course schedule is challenging enough to prepare you for college.

  • Check into any prerequisites for advanced-level junior and senior-year courses. Talk with your school counselor about the benefits of taking community college classes.


  • Are you interested in attending a U.S. military academy? If so, you should request a pre-candidate questionnaire. Also, if you haven't already you might consider taking the ASVAB.


  • Along with your family, do some research about how to obtain financial aid. Many students use financial aid to cover college costs. Find out what financial aid is, where it comes from, and how you can apply for it. Read the U.S. Department of Education’s Funding Your Education (about federal aid programs).


  • Research majors that might be a good fit with your interests and goals based on your results from the U.S. Department of Labor’s career search.


  • Attend college and career fairs. These fairs often take place in the fall in the San Diego area. Check with the SDHS Counseling Center for more information about career-related or college events to get a more detailed look at potential college/career options.

  • Participate in school activities or volunteer efforts. Extracurricular activities can help you develop time-management skills and enrich your high school experience.


  • Plan to use your summer wisely: Work, volunteer, or take a summer course. 


  • Talk to your school counselor about your plans for life after high school. He or she can help you plan your schedule, search for colleges, and navigate the financial aid process. The more your school counselor knows about you, the more he or she can help you along the way.


  • Tour college campuses. If possible, take advantage of vacation or other family travel time to visit colleges and see what they’re like. Even if you have no interest in attending the college you are visiting, it will help you learn what to look for in a college.


  • Plan to attend the SDHS college nights and financial aid nights. Be sure to attend those events with your child.


  • Help your child develop independence by encouraging him or her to take responsibility for balancing homework with any other activities or a part-time job.


  • Learn about the standardized tests your child will be taking during 10th through 12th grades.





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